Checklist: New Fall Admits

Be sure to refer to the tasks listed below, which you will need to complete before participating in Orientation and prior to your first semester at UConn.

As a new student, the University expects you to:

  • Take personal responsibility for your academic and social choices
  • Pay attention to all University requirements and fee deadlines
  • Seek assistance
  • Get involved
  • Check your email constantly for important messages sent to you from the University. Email is the major mode of communication between university departments and its students. As a new student you should regularly check both your personal and UConn email addresses to stay on top of things. Emails are sent to UConn students only. After Orientation, emails will only be sent to your UConn email account. It is imperative this is set up prior to participating in Orientation.

Please be sure to read each of the sections below and complete each step in its entirety.


After Being Admitted to UConn

  • Within Two Weeks of Receiving Your Acceptance Letter- Pay Your Enrollment Deposit.
    • Visit the Admissions website for details and instructions. You will receive an invitation to sign up for an Orientation session which will be sent to your UConn and personal email addresses starting in April if you paid the enrollment deposit. New students cannot sign up for an Orientation session until they pay their deposit and receive the email invitation. Orientation email invitations will be sent to students who paid the deposit starting in April.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by UConn's on-time deadline of February 15, if you are applying for Financial Aid.
  • Upload a Photo for Your UConn ID Card.
    • For photo guidelines and upload instructions, visit The One Card. The photo you upload must have been recently taken and only has you the new UConn student in it.
    • Students need their ID card to gain access to several places including their residence hall, University Shuttle, UPass, Fitness Centers, and various services/events on campus.
    • The UConn ID will be mailed; therefore, the address in the Student Administration System must be up-to-date.
    • Put your Preferred Name on your ID Card – All UConn ID cards (Husky One Cards) are now being issued with a preferred name on the back of the card.  You can view and update this name using the ITS Display Name tool.
  • International Students– Form I-20, SEVIS I-901, and Transfer-In Form.
    • The Form I-20 will enable you to apply for the F-1 visa necessary to study in the United States. The F-1 application should be completed immediately as it is difficult to determine the length of time for processing.  Undergraduate Admissions will issue the Form I-20 after your financial statement with supporting documents and enrollment deposit is received. For more information about obtaining your F-1 visa please visit Undergraduate Admissions.
  • Complete Part 1 of the Technology Tutorial.
    • In this tutorial, you will reset your NetID password (if you haven’t already), learn how to access your University email account (available in mid-May), review your financial aid status, and apply for on-campus housing.
    • NOTE ABOUT UConn EMAIL - UConn email addresses for new students will be available in Mid-May.

Sign up for Orientation

  • Orientation is MANDATORY – If this is your first time as a degree seeking student at UConn Stamford you are required to participate in Orientation in order to register for classes.
  • Sign up for a session on line
    • New students will be completing a series of online modules. Once the mandatory online modules are completed, students will be able to sign up for an orientation and advising session.
    • Orientation and advising sessions are available on a first come, first served basis.
    • It is recommended that you register for a session as soon as possible!
  • Deadline to register for Orientation is July 1st 
  • Review the Course Placement website and, if applicable, complete the Math Placement ExamYou will see a link for the Math Placement Exam at the bottom of the Math Placement webpage.  NOTE:  If your major requires that you take the Math Placement Exam before Orientation and you do not do so, you WILL NOT BE ABLE to register for pre-calculus and calculus courses during Orientation.  On the Math Placement webpage you can see a list of majors that require the MPE.

Two Weeks Before Orientation

  • Complete Step 2 of the Technology Tutorial.
  • Review the Course Placement website and, if applicable, complete the Math Placement Exam
    You can access a list of majors that have to take the MPE.  Click on the Husky CT link to access the Math Placement Exam

    • NOTE: If your major requires you to pass the Math Placement, use the MPE tutorials BEFORE taking the placement exam. Tutorials consist of video modules that introduce concepts, after which you may access worksheets to apply the concepts. Repeat this process as needed to deepen your calculus skills.  You WILL NOT BE ABLE enroll in any math calculus course during Orientation unless you have earned the required scores.
  • The English Guided Placement Survey: will be used to place you in the appropriate English course. This guided placement survey will ask about your previous experiences writing in academic English and to provide brief examples of your writing. Please follow the information below on the English Guided Placement Survey.To determine which First-Year Writing course you will take, you will need to:
    1. Review the Guided Placement information for First-Year Writing here:
    1. Learn about the courses offered in First-Year Writing. The descriptions for the courses we offer appear on the linked page. As you read about the courses we offer, think about which course might be the best match for you.
    2. After you have learned about the classes you may take, please complete the Guided Placement Survey. You will probably need about ninety (90) minutes to complete the survey. To ensure you find the right course to enroll in, be sure to respond to each of the questions or prompts in the survey.
    3. Complete the Guided Placement Survey before meeting with your advisor.
  • Log into your Student Administration System to: 
    • Sign the Student Financial Agreement, step by step instructions can be found here.

      • This MUST be done prior to orientation or you will not be able to register for coursework. More information regarding the Student Financial Agreement can be found here.
    •  Review holds on your account; for assistance locating this information visit the Student Administration System Help website.
      • Holds can be placed on your account by various university offices for a variety of reasons.
      • If you see a hold that says "Bursar Hold" that means you owe the university money.  Please contact the appropriate office concerning your hold; in this case, it would be the Bursar's office.
      • An "Orientation" hold will be put on all new undergraduate student accounts until they attend Orientation.  At Orientation, this hold will be lifted when each student meets with their academic advisor to register for classes.
      • Enrollment holds issued by other offices such as the Financial Aid Office, Student Health Services, etc. need to be taken care of before Orientation or you will not be able to register for classes at Orientation.
  • Message from the Center for Students with Disabilities
    Welcome Huskies! If you are a student with a disability and require accommodations, please register with the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) prior to the start of the semester. Complete information regarding the accommodations, services and programs coordinated through the Center, can be found on the CSD website. Huskies with a NetID can register with the CSD online via MyAccess, or from the CSD homepage (paper-based Student Information Forms are available to download from the CSD website). Please contact the CSD at (860) 486-2020, (203)251-8508, or with questions or to schedule an appointment. The CSD is looking forward to working with you.

During Orientation

  • Students will review several mandatory presentations via online modules and in-person:
    • Protect Our Pack
    • Money Matters
  • Students will have the opportunity to review via online modules:
    • Major specific content
    • Technology tutorials
  • Students will meet in-person and virtually with an academic advisor during their orientation and advising sessions:
    • Engage with a professional advisor
    • Understand courses they need to take during one’s first semester
    • Have the ability to ask questions

    Important Dates & Information

    April: Orientation Registration Begins

    • Students who paid the enrollment deposit will receive an invitation to register for Orientation. This invitation will be sent to the student's personal and UConn email address. Invitations will be sent as the enrollment deposits are received. Allow 2-3 business days after the enrollment deposit has been received and processed by the University to receive the Orientation invitation.
    • Students cannot sign up for an Orientation session until the enrollment deposit is paid and the email invitation is received.

    By DEADLINE: Housing Application

    • Within 3-5 business days of paying your enrollment deposit, you will receive access by email to submit Part 1 of the online Housing Application if you have been admitted as a residential student.  A confirmation email is automatically sent to your email account once the application is submitted. If you do not receive confirmation, contact the Department of Residential Life. Visit Residential Life for more information.

    By June 15th: Transfer Student Transcripts

    • Transfer Students: Submit any final, official transcripts with your most recent grades to Transfer Admissions.

    By July 1st: Health History Form

    • Submit your Health History Form, including proof of meningitis immunization.
    • Students who are not compliant with all of the required immunizations by the 10th day of classes will have a hold put on their account which will prevent them from pre-registering for spring classes until the Health History Form is turned in.  Upload your completed health history form through the Student Health Services Student Portal.

    By August 1st: Pay Your UConn Fee Bill

    • Pay your UConn Fee Bill
    • Beginning mid-June students' fee bills will be posted in the Student Administration System. If  a new student does not pay their fee bill, even if it is a partial one, (not for the entire semester) the student will not be able to register for classes at Orientation until the fee bill is paid. 
    • A "Bursar hold" will be put on a student's account that cannot be removed to register for classes until the fee bill is paid.

    Early-August TBD: AlcoholEdu Part 1

    • Complete AlcoholEdu: As part of our comprehensive prevention efforts, UConn requires all incoming students to complete AlcoholEdu.

    By August: Review IT guide for students

    • Guide contains information on UConn technology (Email, Hardware, Operating Systems, Mobile Apps, and Software) for UConn students.  You can check out the type and amount of software available to you as a UConn student.

    By September 15th: Health Insurance Waiver

    • Health Insurance Waiver:  Submit a health insurance waiver if you are waiving out of the University-sponsored health insurance plan.

    Don’t forget to…

    • Make sure your most current personal email address is on file with the University.
      All Orientation-related communications will be sent to this email address. Need to check or update this address? Log into the Student Administration System; for assistance locating this information visit the Student Administration System Help
    • Check your University email account (Google Apps)
      Important information from the Offices of the Registrar, Student Financial Aid Services, and other offices will ONLY be sent to this email account after you are accepted to the University.
    • Parking: Visit Parking Services website for information about student parking and to register your vehicle.  
    • Transit Pass:"U-Pass CT"is a program that provides free public transportation in the State of CT for eligible students.  Visit Parking Services website for more information, and to register to get your U-Pass.  
    • If you are a Veteran please make sure to visit with the VA Representative at the Stamford campus (Gen Arce, RM 219, 203.251.8444, to discuss educational benefits.  Bursar Office Hours: Mon.- Fri. 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.