Frequently Asked Questions

Signing up for Orientation

When is Orientation? When can I sign up for Orientation?

Orientation sessions are offered for Freshmen and Transfer students Mid-May through Early-July.  International student orientation is held in Late August.  

Orientation Sign up will begin in Mid-April.  You must pay your $300 deposit before you can sign up.  

Why can’t I sign-up for Orientation?

Prior to signing up for Orientation, students need to submit their $300 enrollment deposit to the university. Once submitted, it takes approximately 3-5 business days to process. It is encouraged for students to allow a minimum of 3-5 days for processing and to continue to attempt to register for orientation once that time frame passes.

What should I do if I need to reschedule my confirmed Orientation session?

Confirmed sessions may only be changed in case of an emergency and are based on session availability. For more information on the process and how to make a request, please complete the online request form

Please be advised that there is a $30 rescheduling fee for each request. Rescheduling requests made within five business days of your scheduled session date will be charged an additional $100/Freshmen and $50/Transfer session charge.

Orientation is a mandatory program for first time degree seeking students at UConn, Stamford. There are sessions conducted within the Orientation program that are mandatory for new students. There is no option to register for classes at UConn, Stamford without attending Orientation.

I’m having trouble signing up for a session

There are a variety of different reasons you could be having trouble . Here are some steps to investigate this issue.

NetID: Make sure you are using your correct NetID and password. For password resets for your NetID, please visit University Information Technology Services (UITS).

Eligibility: In order to be eligible to sign up for Orientation, you must meet all of the following criteria: 1) Admitted to the Stamford campus 2) Paid the $300 enrollment deposit, it takes 3-4 business days to process your deposit  (you can't register for orientation the same day you pay your deposit).  

Browser Issue: Try logging into the reservation system using a different browser.

Computer Issue: Try logging into the reservation system using a different computer.

Orientation Program

Do I have to attend Orientation?

Orientation is mandatory for first time degree seeking students attending the Stamford campus. Orientation is where students will register for their first semester of classes. There is no option to register for classes without attending the Orientation program. Students who do not attend our Orientation program will not attend the University of Connecticut.

Can my parents attend Orientation with me?

The Orientation program is designed for students only. It is encouraged for parents to drop off their son or daughter and pick them up at the end of the program. A separate Orientation program for parents is provided later in the summer.

I have been taking classes at UConn Stamford as a Non-Degree student, do I need to attend orientation?

Yes, the Orientation program is required for all new Degree seeking students to attend. You will not be allowed to register for classes until you've completed this requirement.

How much does it cost to attend Orientation?

The cost to attend Orientation varies depending on the population of students. New first year students pay $100.00 and New transfer students pay $50.00. The Orientation charge covers the cost of the entire orientation program. This includes the cost for staffing, meals/snacks, program materials, etc.

Is the Orientation charge refundable?

The freshman, transfer and international Orientation charges are not refundable. Be very sure that you intend to enroll at UConn before you make and pay for an Orientation reservation because it will not be refunded.

Where can I park for Orientation?

There is a UConn parking garage located on Washington Boulevard (across from the campus building). Once you register for an Orientation session, you will be provided a link to register for parking. It is the student’s responsibility to select the link and input one’s car information. If this is not taken care of the student may be ticketed and would be responsible for that payment.

What should I do if I need special accommodations for dietary needs, medical or food allergies, or disability during Orientation?

For all meals/snacks served during orientation, we will have a vegetarian option. If you have any food allergies, you may note that on the Orientation sign up page, and you may also email us at
Please call the Student Services Office at (203)251-8484 to discuss your needs your medical, or disability accommodations.
Please note: We do not provide wheelchairs.

Can my friend and I register for the same Orientation session so we can carpool together?

Since sessions fill on a first-received, first-reserved basis, students should try to register online one after the other. There are no guarantees that students can be placed in the same session because we cannot hold spaces open for students who want to attend together. Please note that you and your friend may be assigned to different groups during the program so that we can properly advise you based on your specific academic program/goals. You may not switch groups to be with your friend.

What if I sign up for Orientation and don’t show up?

The Orientation charge is non-refundable even if you do not show up because resources have been committed in advance of your attendance. We will reach out to you with instructions to sign up for another session. You will be required to pay the $30 reschedule fee and another session fee ($100/Freshman and $50/Transfer). The Orientation program is mandatory, and you must attend to register for classes.

if you are no longer planning to attend UConn Stamford please just email us at and we will note this in your file.

Are overnight accommodations provided?

At this time we are unable to provide overnight accommodations for the Orientation program.  Should you need to stay overnight, you will need to make arrangements on your own.  You may stay at any hotel you wish.   If you contact  Hotel 0° (999 Washington Blvd. Stamford CT 06901 , 203.363.7900) or Sheraton Stamford (700 East Main St. Stamford, CT 06901, 203.358.8400) and mention UConn Stamford Orientation you can get a special rate.    

Please remember that the Orientation program is only for Students; we can not accommodate family/friends in the program.

Course Registration

Why can’t I register for classes now? The system will not allow me to register.

All new students in each of UConn’s schools and colleges have an advising/registration hold placed on their accounts that will not be lifted until they attend Orientation and meet personally with advising staff. This hold is known as an “Orientation hold” and will be lifted by an academic advisor when you register for classes during Orientation. All first time degree seeking students at UConn Stamford cannot register for classes without attending an Orientation program.  Students who do not attend an Orientation program will not attend the University of Connecticut.

Can my parents help me register for classes?

Parents cannot attend orientation advising or class registration sessions with their students.  The university has qualified professional academic advisors who work with new students to create their first semester class schedule.   Students will meet with professional academic advisors when they sign up for classes during Orientation.  

Parents are encouraged to attend the Parent/Guardian Orientation to have their questions answered.

I’m thinking about changing my major. How will this impact my time at Orientation?

If you are considering a change to your major, you may indicate your Intended Major when registering for Orientation.  We will work to pair you with an advisor that can provide you with information on your intended major.  

Will I meet with an Academic Advisor during Orientation?

During Orientation, you will meet with a professional advisor and not necessarily your actual faculty advisor, because during the summer and winter break, faculty are usually off campus conducting research or doing other scholarly activities.  At Orientation you will meet with a professional advisor in your school or college who is more than qualified to advise you on the classes you need for your first semester at the university.  You can contact your faculty advisor after the semester officially begins when he or she is back on campus.

Do I have to take placement tests?

There is only one placement test that some new students may need to take based on their academic major.  This placement test is for Pre Calculus and Calculus 1 & 2 and is known as the Math Placement Exam (MPE).  All new students need to review theCourse Placement website at least twelve business days before their scheduled Orientation session to learn more about UConn’s placement process.  If a student needs to take the Math Placement Exam (MPE) based on their major (as specified on  the Course Placement website) and does not take it prior to Orientation, the student will not be able to register for PreCalculus, Calculus 1 or Calculus 2 at Orientation.  (That is, if the student’s major requires any of these Math courses during the first semester.)  Please read the Math Placement Exam (MPE) website to see if your major requires that you take it.  There is absolutely no time to take the MPE during the Orientation program.  All students whose major requires the MPE must take it before Orientation.

I am a Transfer student…where can I find my transfer credits?

Transfer credit evaluations will be posted on a rolling basis in the Student Administration System for new transfer students before their scheduled orientation session.

Will my AP or previous college/university coursework count towards my UConn degree?

AP and Transfer Guidelines are available on the Transfer Admissions website ( If you have completed college course work, make sure to have an official transcript, reflecting courses completed and grades earned, sent directly from your college to the Undergraduate Admissions Office.


What is my NetID?

How can I activate my NetID? A NetID is a network identifier that UConn issues to allow access to certain computing services. These computing services include Student Administration, HuskyCT, etc. NetIDs are created for prospective students, applicants and incoming matriculated students; notification is sent to the personal email address that is on file with the University with information about their NetIDs and how to activate them. If you are unsure of your NetID, need to activate your NetID or change your password for your NetID, please visit for assistance with these concerns.

How do I set up my UConn email?

Your UConn email account is run through Google. Google Apps at UConn allows users to create a University affiliated Google account with access to the core services, and public services, if desired. Visit for more information. To set up your UConn email visit for step-by-step instructions.


Where do I submit my Student Health/Immunization forms?

The Stamford campus does not have Student Health Services on site as they are located on the Storrs campus. The deadline to submit these forms for the fall semester is July 1st and January 1st for the spring semester. The Student Health/Immunization forms can be submitted electronically through or via mail to:
UConn Student Health Services
234 Glenbrook Road, Unit 4011
Storrs, CT 06269-4011